Welcome to Mark Masons Investments, a multinational specialist in mobilizing & accelerating businesses across continents.

We bridge innovations & brands to the most exciting regions in the world including Asia Pacific,
Latin America & Africa. Our strategic resources empower businesses to travel further, faster.


To empower visionary brands, businesses & entrepreneurs with strategic assets required to thrive in key developing regions of the world, including Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa.


A world in which exciting products, services, innovations and technologies reach the nations and peoples that want it, need it, and whose lives will be distinctly improved by it.

At Mark Masons Investments, we believe in the creation of superior value by adding elements of the extraordinary to everything we do.

Nothing short of our best is what we give to our business partners as well as those whose lives are influenced by what we do.

We strive to discover creativity and innovation that leave a positive impact on society and the environment.

We are singularly dedicated to helping brands and businesses transcend from successful to exceptional.

Everything we do is done with heartfelt passion, joy & sincerity – because we live what we do, and we love what we do.

Man Yong Toh
A senior global strategy consultant, Man Yong Toh has spent the last decade working with ambitious companies, helping them create and bring to market meaningful products, services, and experiences. With expertise in brand strategy, business consultancy & development, creative development & roll out (platforms, content, campaigns, media), innovation strategy, and marketing audits and strategy, Toh has been pivotal in enabling creative initiatives for brands such as Heineken, Beats by Dre, Philips, and many more. His worldwide network as well as strategic relationships with creative agencies enables him to accelerate visibility and growth of companies across sectors.

Anthony John
Malaysia-born Amsterdam resident Anthony John’s roots lie in music, broadcasting and media. From his first foray into the corporate world running Virgin Records Malaysia at the age of 21, Anthony was smitten with the world of media & entertainment. He explored this sector extensively across Asia for close to a decade, primarily in radio & television. In 1999, Anthony moved to Europe and shifted his focus to the (then) emerging mobile & digital spaces. With his broad and keen sense for content trends across Asian markets, Anthony has helped various European organizations launch and manage targeted consumer services in the Asia Pacific region. This includes the FOX Entertainment Group, for which Anthony assisted in setting-up its mobile/digital distribution Asian headquarters in Singapore.

Farook Jamal
Kenya-born Hong Kong resident Farook Jamal is part of the original founding team of internationally renowned fashion label ‘Pepe Jeans’, currently a part of the LVMH Group of brands. He is also the co-founder of cult denim brand Etienne Ozeki, which till today remains a highly respected label amongst denim connoisseurs. Without a doubt, Farook is a fashion entrepreneur who thrives on the prospect of delivering original and defining innovations in the world of lifestyle. He currently remains active in the areas of brand curation, sourcing and manufacturing though his Hong Kong-based organization International News. Farook’s wealth of experience and fashion industry expertise is matched only by his exciting global network of contacts from varied industries and backgrounds.

Hans Goedoen

Dutch born and Surinam-mixed ‘Amsterdammer’ Hans Goedoen is one of the initiators behind the world’s leading streetsoccer brand, Monta. His efforts helped establish Monta as a unique brand which today enjoys worldwide visibility and reverence in the sports sphere. Hans also contributed to a global marketing deal between Monta and Red Bull which began in 2009. He has a strong background in the fashion industry, elements of which he incorporated into the invention of a patented denim sports ball for which he remains the patent owner till today. For the past decade, Hans has been the CEO of a marketing company which is specialized in building brands from the ground-up. His ability to transform trends into viable businesses has been the key to Hans’s continued success in multiple sectors.

Our Advisory Board encompasses a panel of experienced professionals in varied fields including Brand & Business Strategy, International Law & Taxation, Corporate Governance, and Outreach.

Louk de Sévaux MBA
Mr. Sévaux is the Managing Partner of DAY, an internationally renowned, award winning brand agency. With a background in design, and vast experience across a wide spectrum of mediums, Louk has the perfect perch from which to help launch any idea, creation or brand. In this respect, DAY and Louk have created a remarkable body of work including Bugaboo & Nike concept stores, Museum Shops for the Van Gogh and Rijks musea, and the stunning Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, to name just a few.

Our strategic reach spans industries, corporations, and brands. Here are some of the exciting parties we interact with in our immediate network.

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